Soujanya Rao

Level 1
Berlin, Berlin, Germany

I teach yoga with a strong emphasis on body-mind connection. Beginner level practioner's can find it a bit challenging, yet fun. You will be guided through a safe practice, respecting the body’s boundaries while still working on alignment and physical and mental challenges. My classes focuses on building your basics towards yoga practice.

Spoken Languages : English, Hindi, German


SL# Course Enrollment Teacher Status
1 Level 1 January 2023 Bharat Shetty COMPLETED

Classes Taken

SL# Class Name Description Location Contact
1 Yoga at Lobe Block Traditional Hatha Yoga Berlin
2 Gentle Vinyasa This class will help you get your basics strong right from day one and also channelize your inner balance through body mind and breath awareness. Online


  • Foundation (Hatha)
  • Preparatory
  • Beginners
  • Primary (Ashtanga)
  • Pranayama


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Soujanya Rao

Soujanya Rao

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